Campus Enterprises

A Division of Business Affairs

minervaDid you know that in 2013 – 14…

  • The UNCG Bookstore rented textbooks resulting in the savings of $1,384,424 to students over purchasing books.
  • Purchasing assisted in university purchases of $32,961,799.
  • 1,354 carpool registrations were made during the year.
  • (32) properties were acquired through lease or purchase.
  • Warehouse Services recycled 90,876 lbs of materials (62,436 in eWaste, 7,000 in scrap metal and 21,440 in paper).
  • Dining Services recycled 4,408 gallons of food service vegetable oil for biodiesel use.
  • Campus Enterprises generated $494,000 for UNCG scholarships.
  • Purchases from Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) increased to 12% of total purchases.
  • Park and Ride and the Spartan Chariot provided 330,214 rides to the UNCG community.
  • Dining Services composted 383,930 lbs of food.
  • The SpartanCard Center produced 12,224 ID cards for the University community.
  • 42% of all envelopes and 68% of all paper purchased through Spartan Printing was made of recycled material.
  • Spartan Swap afforded an estimated savings of $467,124 if these items were purchased at retail.
  • 2,064,740 customers were served by Dining Services.
  • Spartan Mail delivered 21,452 pieces of mail and 32,035 packages to UNCG students.
  • HEAT and GTA buses had a total UNCG ridership of 277,993.
  • Digital textbook sales increased 3.35% in the UNCG Bookstore.
  • 1,781 pounds of food from Dining Services was donated to Urban Ministries.
  • UNCG saw a total estimated savings from Eprocurement of $4,838,470.
  • Warehouse Services sold 4,586 items for a total sales of $58,009.
  • Web sales were 38% of the total store volume for the UNCG Bookstore.
  • 3% of Dining Services food was sourced locally.
  • Maverick purchases (spend through eMarketplace not identified as sole source, bid, other contract or state contract ) were reduced by 31%.