Campus Enterprises

A Division of Business Affairs


For your viewing enjoyment…the video below was featured during this summer’s SOAR sessions.  It was presented to students and parents during the “Buses, Books, and Beverages” session.  It features Mike Shapiro and Kasey Moorhouse, two UNCG theater majors, and staff member Steve Sparks.  It was developed by B&G Studios, a local production company consisting of several UNCG Alumni.

Click HERE to view the video

minervaDid you know that in 2013 – 14…

  • The UNCG Bookstore rented textbooks resulting in the savings of $1,384,424 to students over purchasing books.
  • Purchasing assisted in university purchases of $32,961,799.
  • 1,354 carpool registrations were made during the year.
  • (32) properties were acquired through lease or purchase.
  • Warehouse Services recycled 90,876 lbs of materials (62,436 in eWaste, 7,000 in scrap metal and 21,440 in paper).
  • Dining Services recycled 4,408 gallons of food service vegetable oil for biodiesel use.
  • Campus Enterprises generated $494,000 for UNCG scholarships.
  • Purchases from Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) increased to 12% of total purchases.
  • Park and Ride and the Spartan Chariot provided 330,214 rides to the UNCG community.
  • Dining Services composted 383,930 lbs of food.
  • The SpartanCard Center produced 12,224 ID cards for the University community.
  • 42% of all envelopes and 68% of all paper purchased through Spartan Printing was made of recycled material.
  • Spartan Swap afforded an estimated savings of $467,124 if these items were purchased at retail.
  • 2,064,740 customers were served by Dining Services.
  • Spartan Mail delivered 21,452 pieces of mail and 32,035 packages to UNCG students.
  • HEAT and GTA buses had a total UNCG ridership of 277,993.
  • Digital textbook sales increased 3.35% in the UNCG Bookstore.
  • 1,781 pounds of food from Dining Services was donated to Urban Ministries.
  • UNCG saw a total estimated savings from Eprocurement of $4,838,470.
  • Warehouse Services sold 4,586 items for a total sales of $58,009.
  • Web sales were 38% of the total store volume for the UNCG Bookstore.
  • 3% of Dining Services food was sourced locally.
  • Maverick purchases (spend through eMarketplace not identified as sole source, bid, other contract or state contract ) were reduced by 31%.


Campus Enterprises are university business endeavors, operations and services committed to making a difference in the lives of UNCG students by providing a supportive environment to the campus community. We fulfill this commitment through a spirit of collaboration and creativity with consideration for efficiency, effectiveness, affordability and sustainability. We understand that the quality of the UNCG experience for our students, faculty, staff and environment is dependent, in part, on our success at meeting their needs and expectations. We are:

  • Bookstore
  • Dining Services
  • ID Center
  • Parking Operations and Campus Access Management
  • Postal Services
  • Printing Services
  • Property Acquisition & Leasing
  • Vending Services