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General Information

  • ❖ Ad = Advertisement
  • ❖ Ad run = Number of weeks advertisement will run
  • ❖ Advertising space availability: In order received – scheduled per request
  • ❖ Number of buses available for advertising: Fifteen (15)
  • ❖ All 15 buses not always available
  • ❖ Buses sometimes unavailable due to ad runs, maintenance, charter, or unforeseen circumstances
  • ❖ Option to advertise on Park & Ride (8) and/or Spartan Chariot (7)
  • Park & Ride (P&R) and Spartan Chariot (SC) buses do not operate during fall, winter, and spring breaks, nor during summer session

Advertisement Artwork Requirements

  • Submit in PDF Format
  • All files must be sized to required specifications For exterior ads, size file: 55.5 W x 23.5 ” H. For interior ads, size file: 11″ x 26 ” (landscape)
  • ❖ If you are ordering Interior and Exterior ads, you will only need to submit a file for the exterior ad, since the sizes of the ads are proportionate
  • ❖ Large Format – Exterior Dimensions: 55.5” W x 23.5” H (landscape)
  • ❖ Small Format – Interior Dimensions: 11” x 26” (landscape)
  • ❖ University affiliated (ad should promote services, events or other concepts that benefit students)
  • ❖ Meet UNCG graphic, moral, and ethical standards

Submission Process

  1. Check Bus Advertising Calendar to verify ad space availability.
  2. Complete Bus Advertising Request Form. If you do not have an account, create an account. Remember to attach artwork in PDF format.
  3. Requests will not be accepted without artwork attached.
  4. Respond immediately or ASAP to email about denied artwork. Changes will be suggested for artwork to meet UNCG standards. Artwork is reviewed only for compliance with UNCG graphic, moral and ethical standards.
  5. Ad prints are delivered from Spartan Printing to Transportation for installation.
  6. Ads are removed from buses on ad run stop date, and handled as instructed by customer on Bus Advertising Request Form.


  • ❖ Submit all payments to Spartan Printing
  • ❖ UNCG departments: fund code or Purchasing Card (PCard)
  • ❖ Other partners: credit, debit, check and cash
  • Payment or fund code must be received by Spartan Printing before ad is printed and delivered for installation



  • ❖ Start process one (1) month before preferred ad run start date.
  • ❖ Always check Bus Advertising Calendar for ad run availability.
  • ❖ Advertising request will not be processed without completing the Bus Advertising Request Form.
  • ❖ Access Bus Advertising Request Form here OR: Go to → Log in or create an account → Click on Place an Order → Choose Bus Advertising Form.
  • ❖ View Park & Ride routes and Spartan Chariot routes.
  • ❖ Park & Ride: more off-campus visibility. Spartan Chariot: more on-campus visibility.
  • ❖ Always double-check artwork for typos, dimensions, and appropriate messaging.
  • Spartan Printing will not proof artwork.
  • ❖ Laminate your artwork, especially if you plan to keep/reuse. (Extra charge = $30 per individual ad within each ad run)
  • ❖ Respond immediately or ASAP to artwork denial email.
  • ❖ Email questions and comments to Use subject line: Bus Advertising.

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